Anal Sex

Anal Sex

If you’ve thought about anal sex, but want the  experience to be safe, as well as  sexy , it’s necessary to get over some of the major mental hang ups that cross most peoples minds.

Talking to your partner about anal play can be intimidating. Let our guides help you. 

Sian Johnson, one of our Sexuality Professionals gave a talk at “The Sex Lectures” in Manchester on 23rd July 2019.

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Anal Sex- Precautions

  • The anus has insufficient natural moisture for any kind of friction
  • Water based lubrication is an absolute must
  • Oil based lube such as coconut oil is ok, but will weaken condoms
  • Oil and rubber – never together
  • Muscle tightness means that condoms can break or come off during anal sex
  • Anal muscles and tissues are delicate and can easily damage and so increase the risk of transmitting infection
  • Bacteria present in the anal canal can get passed into the urethra and can cause bladder infections – a much higher risk with people with vulvas

Anal Sex – Creative Solutions

  • Hygiene: cleansing, also called douching, is inserting warm water into the anus using a low pressure shower hose or specially purchased device
  • Use before intimacy to reduce any stray faeces and bacteria and so increase relaxation and confidence
  • Use one hand for one part of the body and one hand for all the others
  • And the same for toys, which can also benefit from being covered with a condom
  • Change condoms or wash toys, fingers or penises between anal and vaginal penetration
  • Use gloves to protect from nails and bacteria
  • Gloves dispenses the need for hand washing during intimacy
  • Dental dams for mouth to anal touch provide an effective barrier between the anus and vulnerable gums

Use Lube, Move Slow, Pain – STOP

Anal Sex – Essentials

  • Consent and Agreements
  • Relaxation
  • Arousal
  • Communication
  • Lube LOL – Lots of Lube
  • Slow
  • Slower still
  • Pain STOP
  • Honouring

Sian provides various services like:

The Men’s Programme

Tantric Massage

Sex coaching and Sexology

All new clients receive a free 20 min discovery call, before a booking is accepted. This is so that you can ask any questions you have and I can ensure you have a clear understanding of the content of the session you are booking for and that we are a good match for working together . You can call during the daytime and leave a message, but by far the best way to meet me is by booking a Discovery Call using the calendar on my website link. Full prices and terms click here.

Calls with no ID and international numbers and WhatsApp messages cannot be answered, please contact me via email

Toys advised for anal play

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