Anal Sex also called A * pleasure


Anal Sex

If you’ve thought about anal sex, but want the  experience to be safe, as well as  sexy , it’s necessary to get over some of the major mental hang ups that cross most peoples minds.

Talking to your partner about anal play can be intimidating. Let our guides help you. 

Sian Johnson, one of our Sexuality Professionals gave a talk at “The Sex Lectures” in Manchester on 23rd July 2019.

Transcipt Sian Johnson

1) Will it hurt? – Only if you’re tense and nervous. Relaxation is the key to an enjoyable experience

2) Will I get shit on my willy – not if you follow clean, healthy guidelines.

3) Will she still love me in the morning? – YES treat her with love and kindness.

4) If I like anal will it turn me gay? – You don’t “turn” gay. Anal sex can be enjoyed by both genders equally

11 step guide to first time Anal Sex with your female partner.

RELAX and PREPARE for the best experience. 

Step  1  Prepare a warm relaxed environment. Do not pressure each other – the aim is to receive/give pleasure only and it is important to talk about your desires in advance. You may want to practice with touch or with toys prior to full penetrative sex. Trainer kits can help to prepare her butt, before attempting butt play. Order kit you may like/need. (Beginner’s Anal Kit (4 piece) . Wild Weekend Mega Couple’s Sex Toy Kit (11 Piece)

Step 2  Prepare before the day by filing your nails, so you don’t cause  tearing injuries.     Cleanse her butt-hole, making sure there is no poop on the outside. To be super clean, but not essential, use an anal douche Anal cleaning Douche Kit 200ml)                A douche works by introducing water or isotonic liquid into the anus . This loosens any stools and these are emitted by a regular bowel movement.  The process occurs fairly rapidly  and the anus is cleansed.

Step 3   Relaxation is best attained with massage .  Pay attention to her back  and legs and let your hands follow her natural contours.  Slide your hands over her butt, reach down on to her clitoris and run your hand gently from vagina/vulva to anus.  As she raises her butt in the air, take the opportunity to get under her and try oral sex, as foreplay .  When she’s really wet, draw your tongue back and lick around that butt-hole. This is called rimming.  As you rim the butt, try inserting a finger gently, to see how receptive she is.  With any luck, you’ll see/feel her twitch.     

Step 4   Lube.    LOTS of lube!  Unlike the vagina,  the anus is not self lubricating. Use a specific thick lube like (Discover Water-Based Anal Lubricant 250ml or pjur Back Door Relaxing Anal Glide Lubricant 100ml).   

Lather the lube on to your cock and lather it on inside her too.  Alternatively enhance your sexual pleasure and make sure lube goes exactly where you want with a choice of lube applicators. Try using a lube shooter    for expert application.  The anal lube cushions more and lasts longer even in the shower. Not spit, not water, not hair gel. Do the job right  and reduce the fear of pain.

Don’t forget –  LOL means Lots Of Lube.

Step 5 Continue the forePLAY for more PLEASURE. Play with the butt cheeks, massage, make her smile and laugh. Try your thumb, for a minute or two.

Put your penis into her vagina. Both enjoy. After a few mins.

Add lube to and insert an anal trainer. Imagine, the sensations of both your willy and an anal trainer will blow both your feelings and minds.

Step 6 Slowly, Withdraw the anal trainer and wrap in babywipes. Then with lube on your penis and her butt opening. Slowly enter with care and delicacy. Go slowly let her relax as you in. It will be nicer for both of you. Going in Balls deep in 1 to 3 thrusts would result in her jumping to the roof.

At first it may hurt but let her relax and open up wider. One inside it will feel more comfortable.

Step 7 Your beautiful partner then needs to relax anal sphincter AS muscle.

The natural feeling is a need to poop. But it is a false feeling, a nervous. Reassure her that it is normal to feel that but do not worry as we have done a douche earlier.

Even if she does poop. Stop have a mutual shower. Even more fun.

Step 8 Go slowly then ask if ok increase thrust depth and speed. Only do so at her pace at her requests. Add more lube onto your lingum if needed.

Step 9 Do NOT go from A to V that is not Audio to Video. You love her Vagina/Yoni do not infect it. Do not cross contaminate. Neither of you want UTIs as a result.

Also imagine kissing her pussy after your have put your ass covered willy /lingum in there. It may turn you on. A big no no in my book.

Step 10 When either lover is finished, clean up with hands, delicate parts with babywipes, or pjur Med Personal Cleansing Spray 100ml .

Step 11 Hold and stroke your lover in gracious thanks and approval. Make her want you next time. Give you both a thumbs up and congratulations to each of you.

P.S. Done the right way it enhances both your experiences. 

Full Kit list add Sparkle to your sex life.

1 Sex Furniture and Position Enhancers..

An extra bath towel over a pillow.

Liberator Sex Position Wedge. Not just for anal.

2 Anal starter kits. – Your manicured fingers.

Complete list of Anal toys

3 Cleaniness:- Baby wipes

Clean you and your toys – click here

5 Fun and Pleasure :– upto you

Sensual massage oils – Click here.

Earthly Body Hemp Seed Massage Oil Gift Set (3 x 60 ml)

4 LUBE LOL :- 

Choose your lots of lube from a range – click here

6 More adventurous:-

Hot Date Remote Control Couple’s Sex Toy Kit (5 Piece)

Double Fun Beaded Vibrating Double Penetration Strap-On

Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Crystal Jellies Dildo Set

Fetish Fantasy Double Delight Strap-On Double Dildo Set


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