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Dildos are normally phallic shape  sex toys that do not vibrate ( otherwise it would be called a vibrator). More modern dildos may be other shapes (lipstick). A dildo typically a solid and robust erotic toy, with three uses 1) penetration 2)  for external stimulation of the clitoris.  3) your erotic imagination.  Find the Best Dildo for you!



Vibrators – Click here to view

Vibrators can also called a massager, is a sex toy that is used on the body to produce pleasurable sexual stimulation and orgasm. They can be applied to erogenous zones, for women such as the clitoris, anus, the vulva or vagina. As a sex toy for men on penis, scrotum or anus, for sexual stimulation.

Couples can enhance their mutual pleasure with a vibrator.

Vibrators come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Which is great so do we women and also fancy a change. Some types are:-
Extra Powerful Vibrators, Extra Quiet Vibrators, Rabbit Vibrators, Clitoral Vibrators, Magic Wand Vibrators, Luxury Vibrators, Remote control Dildo Vibrators. Find your best vibrators


Clitoral Stimulators

Clitoral Stimulators are part of the vibrator range of sex toys for women. They are many women’s favourite type of sex toy for a variety of reasons. Their appearance is elegant and most pleasant to use. Some of them have a beautiful ergonomic design gives you confidence as they very discrete and do not look like sex toys. Use your creative side  to find various ways to directly or indirectly stimulate the clitoris. Find your best Clitorial Stimulator


Sex Toys for Men… – yes they do exist and I do not mean a football shirt or scarf. 

manwoman kissing

Male sex toys deliver all pleasure all the time – both for you and your partner. Also called male masturbators.  Explore the hidden depths of prostate play and full-body orgasms.
Male sex Toys range includes Cock Rings, Male Masturbators, Realistic Vaginas, Penis Extenders, Penis Pumps, Prostate Massaagers.   Find your Best Male sex toy


Anal Sex Toys.

Discover the hidden delights of anal play with anal sex toys in all shapes and sizes. Take your first steps with beginners anal tools before moving on to advance play with anal beads, anal dildos and prostate toys. New to anal sex see our 11 point guide?

Are you new to anal pleasure, or have you tried a beginner’s butt plug and want to know what other exciting anal toys are out there?  Whether you’d like to try something new alone or with a partner, we have everything you need to explore the exhilarating world of anal play.   

Find your plethora of anal pleasure products to help you find the bum-loving toy that’s perfect for you.  These include:- Anal Lubes, Anal Douches, Anal Beads, Anal Dildos, Vibrating Anal dilos. Beginners Anal kits.

. Find your next anal toys for men and women. Click here.

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