Sexuality Professionals

A guide to coaches who lead on Intimacy, Sexolgy, Tantra

Sian Johnson

Transformational Tantra, Mens Programme, Sex-Coaching

Manchester, Yorkshire

Sian creates an ambiance of warmth, trust and calm. Where you can embrace her guidance and enjoy a wonderful sensual experience.

Sian works with people wanting to explore pleasure and learning. Her passion is helping people to (re)discover pleasure, desire, intimacy and more fulfilling way to express their own unique sexual autonomy and expression.

Sian draws on experience in conscious kink, Tantra, and bodywork having trained with some ot the world’s leading-edge teachers in sexuality, consent and sex coaching.

Sian specialises in working with men of all sexual orientations through “The Men’s Programme”.

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Alison Pilling

Intimacy Coach:- Online and Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK

Alison works with individuals and couples who want to learn more about connection, touch and each other. Break through old patterns of behaviour to create more intimacy and exciting, relaxing, nurturing, satisfying, sensual and erotic connection. Learn about bodies and more ways of expressing love. Let Sex Connect You.

Alison has an open, non-judgemental approach, she supports individuals, couples or groups to learn about their bodies and make wonderful new discoveries in a safe held space. These combine enabling you to deepen your knowledge of your erotic nature, work through issues, fears or phobias, become more comfortable with your own body or develop confidence expressing your desire.


Jon Gosling

Co-founder of Sacred Light Tantra

Jon is a co-founder of Sacred Light Tantra and sees himself as a “Body Awakener” who supports people to connect with themselves through the body rather than experiencing primarily through the conditioned mind. He works with people to use the body as a gateway into new and expanded experiences. Enabling them to experience and understand themselves more deeply. He is passionate about the nurturing power of touch and is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, a trained sexologist and somatic educator and Tantric practitioner and teacher. He offers experiential learning opportunities through consciousness that are designed to help individuals to access self-connection, profound erotic and ecstatic states and, if desired, sacred sexuality, allowing them to better express their desires and deepen their erotic capacity and connection to the Universe.

Jon offers experimental learning specialising in male sexuality, nuturing touch, authentic consent, teaching erotic massage, energy healing work, that are designed to help individuals access profound erotic and ecstatic states, allowing them to better express their desires and deepen their eroctic capacity.

Jon Gosling has a one to one private practice at

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Fiona Cutts, combines the energetic healing with sexual body work for a most enlightened experience. Using your own body energy amplifies your own pleasure. Fiona teaches conscious sexuality, her specialiety is milking the prostate, women worshiping the Yoni, and couple works.

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Michelle Empath Well. Offers Tantric breathing, Tantric massage, for your edification and wellbeing. Empath meditation for cleansing and clearing your energy.

Michelle is also a shamanic goddess, empath and intuitive healer. Michelle wants to use her time on this planet to contribute to the greater good.

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